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There is no doubt that we are living in a world which is evolving at a rapid pace with continuous technological advancements. Furthermore, it has compelled businesses to look for alternatives to survive in this competitive world and ensure that they leave a mark in the minds of the customers. One such step to attract a large consumer base and validate product credibility is developing a means to always stay connected to your customers and this has been made possible by designing applications which are easily accessible by the people and cater to their needs and demands.

Brand and Beyond is your one-stop destination for all such needs from designing your own app to launching it in the market. We help you develop apps that are convenient to use and fulfil the client’s demands with utmost diligence and honesty. With our certified and qualified professionals equipped with the latest knowledge, we are able to deliver the best in the town.

Brand and Beyond is known to shape your ideas into action. Along with an excellent knowledge about the tech world, we are known to develop apps that are appealing and innovative and can help businesses around the world grow their market and expand their horizons.

App Development, What Actually Is It?

A term usually common to the tech world has now taken the business world by storm. From shopping apps to pharma-based apps, the majority of the businesses have now expanded their horizons by shifting their businesses and trading practices to apps that are more convenient to operate. 

App development is basically a creation of software intended to run on various devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. It enables customers to access products, services and information in real-time which would rather have been onerous if it would have required physical presence of both the parties.

What Can An App Offer?

An app serves a variety of interests pertaining to both the business as well as the customer. Brand and Beyond is competent to provide businesses with apps that help them flourish in the e-commerce sector as we develop applications that are not only useful but ensure utility with innovation and fun.

Let us explore some of the benefits of developing an app.

Opens gate to a vast multitude of opportunities
Sacrificing on app development may lead to a business falling prey to adverse effects in the long run. From accessing real time information regarding consumer preferences to fulfilling their requirements in no time, an app does a lot for the business.

Breaks geographical boundaries
Apps aid modern businesses to reach audiences from various corners of the world which otherwise would have been next to impossible for traditional businesses. Apps permit clients, businesses and managers to stay in touch despite location barriers.

Enhances your marketing strategy
With an ability to influence a larger part of the market, apps enable businesses to detect their loopholes easily and work upon them with immediate effect. They help to devise strategies based on consumer preferences and provide a customised experience for the users.

Provides high accessibility
An app can be pre-installed or downloaded from various platforms which enables people to access apps anytime with the convenience of their homes, workplaces, public places etc. An app is able to perform a diverse set of functions with just a few simple taps.

Grows the business
With continuous advancements in technology, businesses are persistently looking for opportunities to exploit. As the number of mobile users is expanding, it has opened a larger market for businesses to tap. Apps provide businesses to learn about market demands and focus solely on what the customers demand.

Why has App Development become necessary for every business?

Having an app for your business can never go to waste and that is a proven fact as nowadays we can observe that businesses that grow well online have an edge over traditional businesses. Whether it is the education sector or the tourism sector, apps have only helped firms to grow and broaden their aspects. With the recent pandemic that forced people to stay at their homes, it also led to the businesses going online and rendering their facilities with the convenience of their places. Education shifted to mobile phones and healthcare was available with just a tap. The logistics department could be well administered with better workforce management and client dealings which only enhanced the working style of businesses.

There have been various developments in the tech world which have allured businesses to exploit the best out of them. An app provides us with various facilities which were earlier not possible due to the traditional approach of businesses. Companies can inform customers about real time offers, assist them through support chat, earn through in-app purchases and what not.

Brand and Beyond has studied these various factors and has tapped what is important for its clients, that is, an app that functions well and provides smooth administration to the client.

Why should Brand and Beyond be your first choice?

We have rich experience and the required expertise that are essential to develop a cutting edge technology. The benefits of choosing Brand and Beyond are numerous.


-Latest knowledge and expertise
Our team of developers is well versed with various app development languages such as JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, PHP, HTML5, etc. We believe in providing the latest tech features in your app so that customers have a vivid experience while using the app. Our qualified developers know the best for your app and design it in a way that is user friendly as well as compatible with various devices.

-App Development frameworks
Our team of developers first reflect on the project requirements and then devise the most appropriate framework for your app. Deciding upon the app development framework requires much scrutiny because each of them has its own benefits and shortcomings. The developers at Brand and Beyond have to choose from a wide set of frameworks such as React Native, Framework 7, Flutter etc.

-One-stop for all your needs
We develop bespoke apps for our clients that caters to each and every need of theirs. We develop apps including native mobile apps, hybrid and progressive web apps. We believe in consumer awareness and thus provide them with latest developments in the tech world and assist them to incorporate these in their apps.

-Quality content delivered
We, at Brand and Beyond, work hard to deliver top notch, highly advanced apps to our clients. We have expertise in providing app development solutions to meet various business requirements. Our superior app development services are tailor made according to the project and ensure quality and innovation.

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